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Overview: With double-sided non-slip surfaces, the Everyday Essentials Premium All-Purpose Exercise Yoga Mat comes with an excellent non-slip advantage to prevent injuries. Exceptional resilience allows you to maintain your balance during any style of exercise. Moisture-resistant technology makes the mat easy to clean with soap and water. Easy strapping and lightweight features are added to this mat for easy transportation and storage. Dimensions: 71″ long 24″ wide ensures comfort for people of all shapes and sizes. Using high-density foam material, the 1/2” thick premium mat comfortably cushions your spine, hips, knees, and elbows on hard floors.
BalanceFrom All-Purpose 1/2 In.

High Density Foam Exercise Yoga Mat Anti-Tear with Carrying Strap, Blue

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Get in a healthy workout with the CAP Barbell Cast Iron Dumbbell. It is a premium option to meet your strength training needs. This pair of dumbbells are made from solid cast iron and coated with a semi-gloss finish to prevent rust. They may be the last ones you have to buy. This CAP Barbell Dumbbell Set is suitable for a wide variety of muscle-building routines. They feature a hexagonal shape for stacking and storage that prevents them from rolling around when not in use. This makes them ideal for the home, garage, or gym, and they are available in a variety of sizes. Perfect for arm exercises such as dumbbell rows, dumbbell curls, dumbbell incline presses, dumbbell pullovers, dumbbell deadlifts, dumbbell flies, dumbbell bench presses, and dumbbell lateral raises.

CAP Barbell Cast Iron Dumbbell, 25 Lb. Pair

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The CSD Percussion Massage Gun works by delivering shocks, the pressure pulse into deep tissue. The deep tissue massager it produces softens stiff muscles and soothes the surrounding tissue, providing a relaxing effect on the treated area. Helps speed an athlete’s recovery from stress training and is great for those who need to relax the muscle, get rid of body fatigue by improving blood flow, can improve your range of motion, decrease stress, makes you feel better and relaxed In the day today. life. The percussion massage gun’s built-in advanced LED pressure indicator provides visual feedback throughout your massage process, directly knowing the massage force you applied to your body Built-in high-torque brushless motor, this massage gun reduces the working noise at 35 – 50 db, portable and light. The rechargeable massage gun equipped with a replaceable 2400 mash lithium battery, lasts up to 3 hours of massage use on a single charge. charging voltage rate is 100v-240v 50/60hz max 0.5a portable carrying case a perfect way to store and transport your manual massage gun (1kg), allowing you to enjoy the comfort of relaxation while travels.

Cshidworld Muscle Massage Gun Handheld Deep Tissue Massage Electric Quiet Portable Massaging Gun 99 Speed Adjustable Professional Percussion Fascia Gun for Sore Muscle and Stiffness

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The push-up bar is great for both your upper and lower body. Engage the entire front of your body with exercises like chest presses, front shoulder raises, and a light leg press. For a greater emphasis on the upper and lower body muscle groups of the back, use the same bar in multiple ways. Exercises can include deep back stretches, leg extensions, and flutter kicks. The pull-up bar is ideal for assisted abdominal and back exercises and spinal articulation. The core muscles are engaged and can be specifically targeted with either spring. Arm and leg springs allow for a more direct way to target specific muscle groups.

AeroPilates Precision Series Cadillac 602 Pilates Reformers

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